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 Farm Coin and Book of Giants suggestion

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PostSubject: Farm Coin and Book of Giants suggestion   7/10/2015, 02:45

I have a few suggestions regarding Farm Coins

1: Make it so 1 Event Medal = 700-800 Farm Coins
2: Make the Farm coin drop as such : Peace Farm zone 1 and 2 drop 50 each. PvP Farm 1-2-3 drop 100-150 each.
3: Book of Giants drop rate either increased or weaken the mobs.
4: Events that drop Life Stones , Farm Coins
5: Mini Bosses in the world that drop around 1k-2k coins and some scrolls or something... that can be soloed.

Because of a lot of Bot farming , people are getting really strong overnight . Which leaves us non-botters to farm for days and not even get 30% as strong as them. I can not spend more than like 1 hour farming. Other people leave the BOT on for 1 night and have 100k-200k coins by morning.
Which is not fair.
Please consider these suggestions.
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Farm Coin and Book of Giants suggestion
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